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Padel Tennis

paddle padel tennis paros aegean

 Social and Fun


Padel brings together young and old!

  • It is easy to play with no need of many hours of training

  • Padel is for everyone at any age

  • It is fun and keeps fit-physically and mentally for 1,5 hour

  • It is low priced (4 people per game)



  • The ball must bounce on the ground before touching any structure and must then be returned before the second bounce

  • Players can use their own windows to return the ball

  • Volleys are permitted

  • The serve is underhanded, with 2 attempts allowed

  • Scoring is exactly the same as tennis

  • No need for membership or registration in order to book a court

  •  60 € per 1,5 hour per court  including  balls and rackets. Extra cost for floodlights

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